July 2014 Newsletter


Compared to the sea, life is just a simple idea (Jean-Claude Izzo)


What's on
The month of June commenced with a great international event, the first
“Laguna di Venezia” symposium. The location chosen was Chioggia and took place over a long weekend with lots happening both on land and afloat. We left with such a positive feeling that we’re already thinking of the next 2015 edition! Our blog and facebook are replete with photos, don’t miss them!

In mid-June we travelled to Bacoli (Naples) to hold a BCU 3-star course.  The happy combination of good weather, scenic views and friendly locals made this event an unforgettable experience. We’re hoping to repeat it when we travel to Italy’s north-east for the next BCU 3-star course in Trieste between the 25 and 27 July. A few places are still available…The instruction methods of the BCU have attracted quite a bit of interest and we’re busy from September through to November with courses in Salerno, Cagliari and perhaps Venice. Once the dates are decided, we’ll update our calendar!

We were even able to spend a weekend on Lake Maggiore to conduct a basic skills and rolling course and subsequently propose an advanced course from 5 to 7 July; it would be an excellent opportunity for a fresh water paddle…

The 10 July will see Tatiana leaving for Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia facing the Baltic Sea. Approaching the city, one comes across the islands of Kolga Bay in quick succession, all with exotic and intriguing names (Rammu, Koipsi, Aksi, Prangli and Keri). The fifth edition of the Sea Kayak Estonia Gathering (SKEG) will take place here and Tatiana has been invited to introduce BCU 3-star courses: this time in English and wearing a dry suit!

The date of our summer voyage is fast approaching: this year we will attempt the circumnavigation of the island of Lesbos, between the 2 and 24 August. The newsletter will return in September: happy summer holidays to all!

Kayaking snippets
I’m frequently asked how one can estimate the wave height when at sea; when from land the sea seems much rougher than what it actually is.
In a kayak one has the advantage of being in a unique position to measure wave height quite accurately. Our ability to faithfully estimate wave height will improve over time and increased experience. The more time we spend
at sea the better our observational abilities will be. A sure way to effectively calculate the height when seated in our kayak is to measure
the distance from the trough to the crest of the same wave:
if it doesn’t go above our heads, it isn’t more than a metre.
Don’t overestimate, the sea realises that we are lying!



Call of the Inuit
We’ve already mentioned
Giancarlo Albertari and his trip to Greenland in the November 2013 newsletter: now that his departure to Ammassalik draws near, Giancarlo will be joined by his companion of many previous paddles, Luciano Riva. The two enthusiastic kayakers will fly to the Arctic on 26 July and for Giancarlo this won’t be solely an expedition but also an opportunity to exercise his profession as a vet. He has agreed with local hunters to film the living conditions of sled dogs, explore the possibility of international co-operation and develop an aid program to aid these animals that live in such hard conditions. Following his progress will be doubly interesting!

Over the horizon
The date has been fixed for the 17 July 2014: the Italo-Maltese duo, Andrea Scorcia and Ian Laferla, will paddle a K2 from Malta to Sicily and back (yes, and back!!) to raise funds for Inspire Foundation, an organization that provides services to individuals with learning disabilities through
the stages of infancy, childhood and adolescence and promoting their
inclusion in society. The two kayakers will attempt to paddle the distance of
200 km in less than 40 hours! Preparing for this event has been continuous throughout the preceding months including a circumnavigation of the Maltese archipelago. Paddling these clear waters they have come across dolphins, turtles and
even devil rays! You can support and follow this event by liking their Kayak for Charity – Malta page on Facebook and
donate via this link:


Thanks to Albert Gambina, we finally have a Newsletter written in English

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