November 2013 Newsletter


 ... for someone the Arctic introduces an irritating unavailability to the collaboration with the white man... (Barry Lopez)

What's on
The month of October went by in a flash. The guided tour of Ponza and Palmarola
was particularly unforgettable for the sea, islands and people we encountered...
four days of seaside camping that filled the rest of the month up with photos
and memories that still thrill the twelve participating paddlers.


After a week loitering about the streets of Naples, my city of choice and adoption,
our homecoming was spent in an enjoyable meet on the Lago di Garda organised by
the enduring Luciano Belloni: two days of total relaxation in convivial company!
The month of November starts with the Instructor’s course organized by the Italian
Canoe-Kayak Federation in Rome: a new experience that peaks my interest even though
we will be spending four long days around a table. The make-up of the working group
is to say the least, interesting, ensuring a lively discussion and cause for development,

both individually and collectively... to be updated!
The highlight of the month is surely the BCU week on the island of Vulcano.
It’s the right opportunity to combine a holiday with family or paddling friends and improving personal skills through courses that will be held by the two of the most qualified British instructors: Ben Keen and Phil Hadley, who is back amongst us for the fourth time, as usual with Tatiyak. This will be a wonderful gathering and we’ll be sure to tell you all about it soon!

Kayaking snippets
During a slow and meditative passage in a sea kayak breathing properly is essential.
Your respiration takes on the rhythm of the sea, the cadence of the waves and the timing of the currents. Breathing and paddling can merge into one until the dividing line becomes nearly blurred. To keep oneself in a physical equilibrium, it is essential to concentrate

on the respiration sequence and thus paddle in a simple but effective way: inhale for two strokes and exhale on the third, repeating the sequence on the opposite side and back again until we return to the original side, thereby balancing the lateral movement of the trunk and the forward motion of the kayak. After a while we will discover the pleasure of relaxation, our respiration in concurrence with our kayak and the sea.

Call of the Inuit
Ottorino Tosti is well known speleologist from Genoa specialising in glaciers and an avid Arctic explorer. In 2012 he founded the ItaliAmmassalik Association, which includes, besides other activities, a travelling exhibition entitled "Ammassalik, the hidden side of Greenland”, a journey amongst the silences, smiles and solitude of eastern Greenland. The exhibition is once again on show in Genova at the Biblioteca Berio from 21 October to the 2 November. 
The inauguration of the exhibition coincided with a book launch – “Angmagssalik - Là dove ci sono i pesci” - authored by Ottorino. The format is that of a narrative story in order to document the four trips Ottorino undertook in the region and is the culmination of his passion for the widely dispersed Inuit community. Proceeds from the book will be utilised to purchase artefacts produced by the Angmagssalik Inuit and will supplement the other artefacts in the exhibition. We’ll talk about the book and the association in the near future...

Over the horizon

Here’s one expedition that we would all like to go on: a sea kayak trip in Greenland! Once again it will be eastern coast of Greenland in the inhabited areas of Tasiilaq and Ammassalik.

Our friend Giancarlo Albertari, an expert paddler with a great passion for adventure has invited us to follow his preparations. This expedition will take Giancarlo to paddle along the frozen coastline of this region that is at once both inhospitable and fascinating. The trip is planned for next July, but in the best tradition, the excitement of the trip has overwhelmed and infected us: stay tuned! In the meantime we can support Giancarlo in a tangible way
by making a small donation through this link: by donating we will be making it possible for Giancarlo to record his Arctic voyage on film. In turn he will share his adventures with us,

by means of video-talks during Arctic-themed evenings...

Thanks to Albert Gambina, we finally have a Newsletter written in English.

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