April / May 2016 Newsletter


 I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. (Confucius)


What's on
My apprenticeship to become a BCU Level 3 Coach is on-going, with a number of volunteers roped in as “newbies”: following the March session in Portofino, Genoa Nervi came next. Then in April it’s planned to have sessions twice on Lake Maggiore…
Thereafter we will resume with the BCU 3-star courses in various – and beautiful – places around Italy:
Venice: Tuesday and Wednesday 19 to 20 April 2016
Bergeggi (Savona): Friday, Saturday and Sunday 20 to 22 May 2016
Portofino: Saturday and Sunday 28 to 29 May 2016

There are still a few places available, just two for each course planned.  You can look up all the info you need, including the syllabus and notes on the page dedicated to courses within the Tatiyak website.


In the meantime, I will be returning to the UK in order to attend the necessary refresher courses: at the end of April with Lee Pooley in Devon, for four days of mentoring (including surf!) together with Eva-Lotta and Trenk and then a second week for the Anglesey Symposium.

I will be returning to Italy just in time to take part in the third Chioggia Symposium “Laguna di Venezia", planned from 2 to 5 June at Ca' Roman.  Organised by Altamarea in collaboration with FICT, well know guests from the kayaking world are expected to attend: Phil Hadley, Trenk Muller, Manolo Pastoriza and a surprise still to be confirmed! Book early and don’t miss this opportunity, a good time is guaranteed!
The first couple of weeks in June will the last ones spent at home.

On the 18th we will be departing for our much-awaited summer voyage to the Cyclades Islands, to celebrate the well deserved retirement of the Man of Iron, Mauro (Ferro). We’ll be back of course, but only after we’ve completed all the islands and done all the crossings! 

We’ve already got 4-star training and assessment sessions planned between December 2016 and January 2017, nonetheless: the road show goes on!

Kayaking snippets
Voyager is ready! After two years under test including paddling for nearly 5000 kilometres and two outstanding voyages to Lesbos in 2014 and in Sicily in 2015, Voyager has come of age. During this time three important modifications were necessary: to the lines of the kayak, to the cockpit and thirdly modifying the shape of the cockpit mould. All these modifications would have required more time had it not been for the skills and knowhow of Fabrizio D'Angelo, a very experienced craftsman and expert kayaker! Thanks to him we now have two Voyagers ready for the Cyclades!
In a
recent blog on our Tatiyak website, Mauro has written
to explain all about the modifications, it’s interesting reading!



Call of the Inuit
Martin Rickard is the owner of Sea Kayak Adventures, a sea kayak centre in the Shetland Islands specialising in expeditions to Greenland. We’ve already mentioned him a few times here already, in particular how several Italians have accompanied him on arduous trips along the eastern coast of eastern Greenland, in the Tasiilaq region.
This summer, Martin is planning the
Watkins Expedition, leading a group of five experienced Arctic kayakers to the area Tugtilik - Lake Fiord, 150 miles north of Ammassalik.  They intend to use the original charts utilised
by the unfortunate expedition to the same region led by the young
British explorer Gino Watkins in 1932.
It will be wonderful to follow their progress amongst the Polar ice!

Over the horizon
Do you recall the kayak voyage by Sandy Robson from Germany to Australia?We had mentioned it in the July 2015 newsletter, saying that she had resumed her route along Myanmar and Indonesia, writing her blog as she progressed. Since a few weeks ago she’s being accompanied by Justine Curgenven, who is also keeping her blog up to date with the photos and videos she’s taking. They both update their Facebook pages on a regular basis, showing breath-taking images of coral sea beds that are of incredible beauty. They’ve just completed the crossing between Raja Ampat and Manokwari, in New Guinea, and when Justine returns to the UK, Sandy will continue solo or perhaps in company towards her final destination. 

It’s amazing to see what stunning adventures they’re experiencing together!


Thanks to Albert Gambina, we finally have a Newsletter written in English. 


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