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What's on
This is the first newsletter of the year, hot on the heels and subsequent to a fairly long sojourn in Wales. It was an unforgettable experience replete with outings on the water, fun, study and the best return one can get from kayaking: new friends! You can read all about it, unless you’ve already done so, on the Tatiyak blog page "Wales exp.2015" or clicking on this link!

Three weeks ago, the sixth Pagaia Symposium in Llança (Spain) was an intense and wonderful participation, not least for having been a resounding success.  It’s a truly international event with more than 280 participants, 30 instructors, 19 languages and a programme abound with sessions, meetings, presentations and of course food! Book early for the next 2017 Symposium Pagaia, it’s unmissable!

Tatiyak’s activities in Italy and abroad in the following months are already awash with courses, assessments and yet another stay in Wales. I’ll be once again in Anglesey from 24 April to the 17 May. Three weeks up to brim with training sessions, assessment (fingers crossed!) and lastly – but not least – the ever invigorating Anglesey Symposium.  I wonder what I will be teaching this year!

Sooner or later, I will stay in Italy long enough for new BCU 3-Star courses: the dates have already been fixed and a few places are still available... but don’t leave it too late too book a place  :-)
Other BCU courses are in the pipeline for autumn: stay tuned!

We’re also planning introductory, advanced and Greenland roll session!
If you’re interested don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Between one outing and another we would be more than happy to meet you and paddle together!

Kayaking snippets
The last three months have been very interesting and formative.
I’ve been quite fortunate to have some of the best instructors as my mentors and the way they plan and execute each session made me reflect on how important it is to combine practice and theory. Experience and practice are the best allies not only of a competent sea kayaking instructor but also valid for those who dedicate themselves to what ever they do with passion.  The British love acronyms as a way of summarising complex concepts

and I was surrounded with ones such as TTPP, VAK, SEL, IDEAS, APPLE, SAFER and CLAP (each one merits a detailed explanation and discussion, better done afloat!).  My favourite "mantra" is surely this one:

perfect practice makes perfect permanent



Call of the Inuit
At the Pagaia symposium I was happy to meet the French publisher Patrice de Ravel, author of a commendable little book about the pleasure of canoe travel - "
La caresse de l'onde", the caress of waves.  On his stand this year I bought the second volume of the series, a pocket-size book about the enjoyment of travelling by kayak.  The book is called "La semplicité du kayak" written by Frédéric Gilbert and promulgated by the same publishing house, Transboréal. The subtitle captured my attention: "Petites leçons d'équilibre et d'intimité avec l'élément marin". It will be a good way to improve my poor French!
The latest arrival on my bookshelves is a lovely book about the Inuit culture, authored by the Danish expert Ole G. Jensen and translated into French.  Published by Milik in 2007, it’s a very interesting book full of photos
of kayaks, tuiliks, harpoons and other Inuit tools!

Over the horizon
During my stay in Wales, I met
Justine Curgenven quite a few times and
was able to
paddle together with her and Barry Shaw around the shores
of Anglesey.  When not silenced by the wind, we had many interesting conversations not least the stories of her extraordinary expedition to the Aleutian archipelago with Sarah Outen. It was certainly a unique and incomparable experience! Her DVD is much better than words to convey the voyage and I was so keen to learn more! Carried away by my enthusiasm
I returned to Italy with about 50 copies of Justine’s latest output
Kayaking the Aleutians": outstanding!
On the blog you may read a
review of the DVD and order your copy
sending an e-mail to Tatiyak: despatch by post or in person :-)


Thanks to Albert Gambina, we finally have a Newsletter written in English.


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