January 2013 Newsletter


...if it were the Japanese instead of the Danish, there wouldnít be any chairs in Greenland... (Robert Gessain)

What's on
The New Year canít really start without an outing on the Lago Maggiore:

a traditional appointment for those living close by.

Those who live further away should take note of the famous canoeing dictum:
ďhe who paddles on New Yearís Day paddles throughout the year!Ē
Therefore, happy paddling to all!!!


Another opportunity to reciprocate Christmas greetings is offered by the energetic

Toni Pusateri: the date is set for the 5 January and venue the city of Torino.
Whatís planned is an outing in open canoes guided by Toni and fellow-paddler

Beppe Racca, experts in the stretch of river that meanders through the city.


The Christmas break over, rolling classes will resume at the Legnano municipal pool.

Starting on 10 January, sessions will take place every Thursday from 9:30 to 10:30 pm.

You may even indulge in a preliminary warm-up freestyle swim at 8:30pm.

Meetings at the main pool in Viale Gorizia nį28/a.

Following the wet session, a dry one will take place for a beer in the nearby pub!


Don't miss out the week-end paddle for the Venice Carnival in February!
Enjoy the Pagaia Symposium in LlanÁa - Spain, at the end of March!


In short, Seasonís Greetings and a Happy New Year!!!

Kayaking snippets
The month of January is usually one of the coldest months of the year, at least here

in Northern Italy. To ward off the winter cold it isnít necessary to hang up your paddle.
A Nordic saying declares that bad weather days donít exist, only unsuitable winter clothes: mittens are an excellent way of protecting your hands against the cold and wind.

In many ways they are more practical than gloves, better for circulation whilst leaving the hands in direct contact with the paddle. The material can be either of neoprene or fabric,

whatís important is that they can be worn and removed with ease, avoiding

an unwanted situation when your hands need to be free quickly!

Call of the Inuit
One of the New Yearís resolutions would be to renew or initiate a membership with the ItaliAmmassalik cultural and international cooperation association.

Born from the voluntary work by its president Ottorino Tosti and other active volunteers,

the association promotes cultural activities in Italy with the aim of helping out the Inuit community in the impoverished Arctic region of Ammassalik. The initiatives have been many including meetings, conferences and travelling photographic exhibitions. Obviously, the more members that join the greater the number of activities, both locally and on a national level.

So join up then, to help out this part of eastern Greenland!  

Over the horizon

As usual, the new year ushers in the planning of future projects for the rest of the year.

One of the more alluring events in the kayaking calendar is the annual

Anglesey Sea Kayak Symposium organised by Nigel Dennis at Holyhead,

the beating heart of the beautiful island of Anglesey in Wales.

Weíve spoken and written about this event - a Mecca of sea kayaking - many a time.

Itís a must-do event, at least once in a lifetime! Itís also one of the most popular international meeting of kayakers in Europe. Booking opens in January, with over a 150 places available, but demand sometimes exceeds availability, so donít leave it till the last minute!

Weíre planning to take part even this year, in the beginning of May,

returning to Anglesey for the fifth consecutive time!

Thanks to Albert Gambina, we finally have a Newsletter written in English.

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